About Us

Enchantia is a trailblazing online platform dedicated to providing immersive and captivating content in the realm of fantasy and enchantment. Our mission is to deliver rich and engrossing experiences through engaging narratives, dazzling artwork, and imaginative worlds. Our vision is to create a haven where every individual can escape into a world of magic, adventure, and limitless possibilities.


Enchantia was established in 2015 by the visionary and creative force, Kendra Ferguson. With a deep passion for enchanting stories that spark the imagination, Kendra embarked on a journey to build a digital space where enthusiasts could gather to explore and indulge in all things fantastical. Armed with remarkable storytelling abilities and an unwavering commitment, she envisions a world where Enchantia becomes the go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking enchantment across all mediums.

The Founder – Kendra Ferguson

Kendra Ferguson, an enchantment aficionado and visionary storyteller, is the driving force behind Enchantia. With a rich background in writing and a profound affinity for fantasy, Kendra wholeheartedly believes in the transformative power of enchanting stories. Guided by her expertise in crafting immersive narratives and a profound love for the genre, Kendra painstakingly curates an exceptional collection of stories, artworks, and enchanting elements that bring joy to countless hearts.

Website Objective

At Enchantia, our primary objective is to serve as a digital sanctuary where individuals can embark on incredible journeys that bewitch the mind and capture the imagination. By seamlessly blending art, literature, and various media formats, we aim to transport our esteemed audience to a realm where dreams and reality intermingle, touching their souls and filling their hearts with enchantment.

Target Audience

Enchantia caters to anyone who seeks a thrilling and immersive experience within the realms of fantasy and enchantment. From wide-eyed youngsters discovering their love for enchanted stories to seasoned, long-time enthusiasts seeking new worlds to explore—we welcome all adventurers craving a dose of extraordinary magic in their lives. Enchantia is a haven for those whose souls are drawn to awe-inspiring tales, mesmerizing illustrations, and otherworldly experiences.

Unique Value

The Enchantia experience is not just another run-of-the-mill encounter with fantastical genres. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to handpicking only the most captivating stories, masterful artworks, and compelling elements that evoke genuine wonder. Our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members ensures that each piece showcased on our platform undergoes rigorous scrutiny for quality, resonance, and the power to transcend the ordinary. As a result, we ensure that Enchantia provides a curated, transformative, and enchanting escape unlike any other.

Join Us on This Enchanted Journey

Step into the mythical realm of Enchantia and immerse yourself among the greatest stories ever woven. Whether you seek magical creatures, heroic adventures or mystical quests, Enchantia promises endless hours of enthrallment and captivating discoveries. Allow Enchantia to become your trusted refuge from the humdrum of everyday life and embark on an enchanting journey that will leave memories etched in your heart forever. Together, let us revel in the magic of Enchantia.

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